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Sections &Programs



For campers completing Grades 1-3

Juniors start their camp years at Camp Wingate in a small, warm and nurturing environment. With mature and caring staff, campers spend their days doing activities with their bunk. As this is the first time most kids are away from home, we make sure to take extra special care of our juniors as they navigate and learn to adjust to life at camp. From bedtime stories read by our camp mom to our big brother/big sister program, juniors start making new friends and become part of the Wingate community.


For campers completing Grades 4-6

As campers grow up and move to the Inter section, they get to experience all the activities that Wingate has to offer. Campers will learn new skills and further their development both socially and emotionally. Outdoor cookouts, field trips and special events just for Inters help campers in this section make memories that will last a lifetime.



For campers completing Grades 7-9

As the oldest kids in camp, Seniors get to enjoy everything Wingate has to offer. Seniors bring the spirit to camp and it shows in everything they do. From overnights, field trips, walltime, intercamp, camper captains and senior special events, our senior campers live camp life to the fullest!


For campers completing Grade 10

The goal of the program is for campers to enjoy a summer at camp while also gaining valuable leadership skills. CIT’s will have the opportunity to work directly with campers and staff on bunk and specialty placements. Campers will also get the chance to participate in their choice of daily camp activities. CIT’s will have the opportunity to work and help in all areas of camp life, laying the foundation to become future staff members. Each summer there is an optional 4 day trip each summer.


Starter Camp

For campers completing Grades 1–3


Reserved specifically for campers grades 1 to 3, starter camp is the perfect introduction to Wingate. Campers will be fully integrated into the fun, exciting and nurturing camp environment of Wingate and get to experience the very best of camp in a shortened 2 week session. 

Weekend Camp

For campers completing Kindergarten–Grade 2

The goal of weekend camp is to introduce campers to life at Wingate. Taking part in activities such as flagpole, water sports, land sports, arts and crafts, color war, theme days, bonfires, and more, your camper will get a great taste of the best of sleep away camp. 

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